You must notify the Pension Fund in writing prior to beginning any employment by submitting an “Employment After Retirement Form”. If you do not notify the Pension Fund of any post retirement employment, the Trustees have the right to suspend your benefits. Review and decision regarding post retirement employment will be made in writing only.

The Trustees will review your job description submitted and make a ruling wether your job is considered Disqualifying Employment.

  • Disqualifying Employment allows you to work up to a maximum of 80 hours per month without penalty.
  • Non-Disqualifying Employment allows you to work as many hours as you want without restriction or penalty.
  • If you are over the age of 70, you may work in any type of employment without restriction or penalty.

If the Pension Fund receives information that you are working in Disqualifying Employment, the Pension Fund has the right to recover any pension payments paid to you during the months you were working in Disqualifying Employment.

Please notify the Pension Fund, if you are considering working after retirement.



Disqualifying Employment means employment or self-employment that is:

(a)   in an industry covered by the Plan when the Participant’s pension payments began,

(b)   in the geographic area covered by the Plan when the Participant’s pension payments began, and

(c)   in any type of work in which the Participant was employed in Covered Employment at anytime, as well as any type of work for which contributions are required to be made to the Plan.

Employment after age 70 will not be considered Disqualifying Employment.



For  purposes  of determining  Disqualifying Employment,  the  following definitions  shall apply:

(a)   The geographic area covered by the Plan is the New England states and any adjacent states and any adjacent Canadian provinces, to the extent that they include any metropolitan area in which Covered Employment was performed prior to and at the time the Pensioner retired, and any other area covered by thePlan when the Participant’s pension began or, but for suspension under this Article XI, would have begun.

(b)   If  a  Pensioner re-enters  Covered  Employment to an extent  sufficient  to  cause a suspension  of  benefits,  and  his pension  payments are subsequently  resumed, the industry and area coveredbythePlanwhenthe Participant’spensionbeganshallbe the industryandarea covered by the Plan when his pension was resumed.

(c)    Paid non-work time shall be counted toward the measure of 49 hours in any calendar month if paid for vacation, holiday, illness or other incapacity, layoff, jury duty or other leave of absence.   However, time compensated under a workers’ compensation or temporary disability benefits law shall not be so counted.