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Our Goal - To provide a decent and secure monthly pension to all vested participants for all of their retirement years.

The New England Teamsters Pension Fund was established in 1958 to provide retirement income to eligible participants and their beneficiaries. The Fund is jointly administered by an eight-member Board of Trustees – four Trustees representing the Local Unions and four Trustees representing the Contributing Employers. All claims are processed at the Fund Office, which is located in Burlington, MA, The Fund is qualified under IRC Section 401(a) and acts as a multi- employer, defined benefit plan within the meaning of IRC Sections 414(f) and (j).

Over 15,000 participants have successfully logged on to the Fund’s Member Login section of the website to view their hours of service and years of pension credit.

If you are an active participant, not on Pension you may view Hours Posted and other personal information as well as change your mailing address, by selecting the Member Login Button.

If you have a vested right to a pension and have been participating in the Plan since 1991, you may have the ability to access the online calculation program to see an estimate of your future benefit amount based on your up-to-date pension credit. If you have logged in to the Fund’s website and do not see the calculation button, send the Fund Office an e-mail via the Contact Us button and request access to the online calculation program.

If you are a Pensioner and have begun collecting your monthly pension, you may view current and past pension payments as well as change your tax withholdings and mailing address by selecting the Retiree Login Button.

Anyone who accesses the Fund’s website may view specific benefit information such as Early Retirement reduction factors, Contributory Credit tables and Benefit schedules by clicking on the word Tables on our homepage. General information about the Plan may also be obtained by clicking on the words Plan Documents.




Our office is conveniently located directly off Route 128 at 1 Wall St., Burlington MA. If you would like to visit our office to discuss your pension benefits please feel free to stop in any time Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm.  We have plenty of  free parking and appointments are not necessary.  

If you are not able to travel to the Fund Office and your Local Union office is utilizing the services of our field representative, call your Local Union office directly and schedule a pre-retirement appointment.


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